Angel Card Readings

As a Certified Angel Card Reader, Jacque will offer you insightful, heart-warming messages in answer to your question. Her card readings combine the use of the angel tarot cards with her psychic abilities and keen intuition. Sometimes messages from loved ones in spirit may even pop in!

Psychic Readings

Jacque offers 30-minute psychic-only readings in which she can offer guidance and insight on
love, business, family, health, and more.

Mediumship Readings

Jacque offers 30-minute mediumship readings which will include spirit communication and
evidential information from those in spirit. No guarantee can be made that a specific loved one in spirit will come through
as Spirit is in charge of the session. From her experience, she can say with certainty that love doesn’t die when the physical body does.
Love continues on, even in the ‘afterlife’.


Angel Card Readings by Jacuqe McPherson