Home Blessings

Whether you’re moving into a new home or have lived there for years, a blessing will set the stage for peace, harmony, safety, good fortune and love to enter and dwell in your home.

Office Blessings

Are you opening a new business or changing locations? An office blessing will help get your business started on a positive note and bring in harmony and peace among your employees and your customer/employee relations.

Home Clearing

A home clearing works to remove any discordant emotions and energies that reside there, and creates a harmonious relationship between the dwelling, people, and animals that live there. Human emotional energy can cling to locations and objects, and be picked up by anyone unconsciously.

Office Clearing

An office clearing works much the same way as a home clearing, except you are clearing the emotions and energies from staff and clients/customers.

Reasons why your home or office may need a clearing:

  • Cycle of arguments or conflict within the home/office
  • Unexplained sounds during the night, such as walking, hearing voices, knocking, or music
  • Animals (especially cats) acting differently, tracking unseen objects, running away from something you don’t see, or not wanting to enter a certain room
  • Lights, computers, stereo, televisions, alarms clocks, etc. switching on and off
  • Feeling of unease, heaviness, or of being watched in a particular room or the entire home
  • Strange, unexplained odors, such as a perfume or cologne no one in the home wears, or pipe/cigar/cigarette smoke when no one in the home smokes
  • Objects disappear and are placed somewhere else in the home (could happen at the time or months later), or objects being moved around in the same place, such as a figurine or photo being turned around
  • Children telling you there’s someone in their room, or being afraid to enter a particular room (or being afraid of the house in general), or saying they are hearing voices, footsteps, etc.
  • Having on-going problems of vandalism, theft, or bad luck
  • Selling your home/business and not receiving any offers
  • Pockets of cold air
  • Prolonged illness or death in the home

…and more!