Stacey D.

“I’m so grateful to have found Jacque McPherson! She is a very pleasant person and comfortable to be around. Her readings are spot-on either in person or over the phone. I always leave her sessions feeling more at ease, motivated and given the guidance I need to move forward in my life. Thank you, Jacque, for sharing your amazing gift with the world!”

Hiromi Flood

“I recently had a reading with Jacque ….. Just an AMAZING reading. I had a reading with other psychic medium who has many high reviews, but Jacque is way better than her …. TRULY the BEST!! Jacque is not only amazing but she cares and that makes for a very comfortable and enjoyable reading. She gives very specific answers, not vague answers that could fit anyone. The REAL DEAL!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her and feel very blessed to have found such a gifted medium and psychic!!”

Sue Ballou

I don’t think anyone can know what this reading meant to me. It meant the world to me. I cannot thank Jacque enough for the reading. I would recommend her to my friends or family members that would like to go to a medium. I would go back to her in a minute. It gave me such peace like I have not had since the day I received the call that my beautiful daughter died. I cried and cried while sitting there, but what a great release of emotion for me. After the reading, I felt such peace for the first time since her death.

Monina Isaacs

I don’t know where to begin, all I know is that I’m grateful that Jacque agreed to bless our home and also do a reading. I received amazing healing when Jacque connected to my departed loved ones. Sometimes even when you are a believer, you tend to questions things and you need someone you can trust who can guide you to the answers you’ve been longing for. Jacque is a gift and I thank her for sharing her knowledge and her gift to help others find peace in their hearts.

Tamara B.

The reading was so accurate it was scary. Thank you for guiding me to the path I know I need to be on. AMAZING!! I will reach out for another reading soon. Thank you.

Anita Herrera

My name is Anita Herrera and I am writing this with much excitement and gratitude! I have received two readings from Jacque McPherson and anxiously awaiting the next one as each one entails a specific concern!! Before my readings, I was feeling very anxious and apprehensive about my health and employment situation! After each reading, done about 2 weeks apart, I felt such a weight lifted off my shoulder, filled with excitement and reassurance for my up and coming prospects & opportunities!! Jacque was very kind, soft spoken, reassuring and professional in her messaging style, creating a very peaceful and comforting atmosphere!! I am filled with great faith and excitement as I am already seeing results come to fruition and am anxiously looking forward to my future unfolding of wonderful blessings and great opportunities!! I feel very blessed and grateful for Jacque & warmly call her my Angel on Earth!! Much love and light!

Jennifer Wallens, Certified Psychic Medium

I would like to recommend psychic medium and healer, Jacque McPherson. Jacque is a fairly new psychic and medium, but an old wise soul, with many lifetimes of experience helping others. She cares very deeply about people and her honesty and integrity shine through when she gives a reading with evidence of the afterlife. Her huge heart and gentle approach put even the most nervous and frightened client at ease immediately. Her love of people and animals, and her willingness to help those in need, is lovely to watch. I’m so proud to have been a teacher of hers; undoubtedly she will teach others and share her knowledge, love, and healing gifts with many fortunate students now and into the future. I am very blessed to know her and count her as a true friend.

Shelley B.

Jacque came to my home for a house cleansing and a personal reading. During the reading she was extremely nice and very easy to open up to. The way she explained the cards laid out was very clear and she was even able to communicate with my angels in order to answer further questions I had pertaining to my reading. I left my home during the cleansing and when I returned my home felt so much lighter and happier! I have also had the amazing opportunity to have Jacque sit down with my oldest child who is an empath, and she was able to give her advice and teach her how to control her abilities. Overall I have been greatly impressed and appreciative of all she has done. I will be referring her to others as well as welcoming her to return when needed!

Dr. Linda Vail, ND

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Jacque McPherson as a spiritual guide. Her connection to the other side is amazing. She has cleansed my home, read my Angel cards and has brought my deceased husband through. The work she does is nothing short of outstanding.

Stacie C.

Jacque is amazing, and a wonderful person. My daughters were being bothered by what we learned were several presences in my house. It was causing one of my daughters to be afraid of even being alone in her own bedroom. Jacque came in and cleared my house and we have not had any more issues whatsoever. I wouldn’t think twice to call her for anything in the future.

Meredith Toddre

I have known Jacque McPherson for over a year and a half now and have felt blessed to be able to call her my friend. In addition to being extremely kind and generous, Jacque is skilled as a Psychic Medium and is highly attuned to energies that are found only in a select and focused group of people. Jacque is wonderful with her readings and abilities to tune in to other people’s individual energies to bring forward extremely helpful advice and counsel. She has a God-given gift for knowing how to read and channel energy and I recommend her to anyone looking for specific advice and personal psychic information!


I am so grateful for the reading that Jacque gave me. I have been so negative about my situation. The reading clearly advised me what I need to do to manifest what I want. I am feeling more positive and hopeful about my future. I thank her for her kind words and for sharing her gifts. Many blessings & love.

Carol Dimitrov, Intuitive Astrologer and Tarotist

Although I have not known Jacque long, it has felt like we have known each other for ages! We are at a very important time in our history when we know that our spiritual journey can make a difference in the lives of others. Jacque has the ability to tune in and connect in such a way that can be healing to the mind and soul. She is intuitive, kind, and is very familiar and comfortable in energy work. From clearing and protecting homes and businesses to bringing through information that provides in-sight or closure…or just a message of love. Just try one of her Angel Readings and you will know she has a wonderful connection and ability that will benefit and nourish the soul.

Cindy K.

I was very close with my uncle, who passed over 25 years ago. I’ve had readings from different people over the years, some better than others, but no one got in my uncle….until Jacque! The things she said let me know that it was him and I’m so grateful. Jacque is an empath and a caring, beautiful spirit; after seeing her, you will be both informed and uplifted!

JarieLyn R., Reiki Practitioner

I am so honored to know Jacque. She facilitates a psychic development group that I attend every week. I highly recommend her services because she is caring, generous, ethical, and trustworthy. She is a great teacher and she’s very talented with her mediumship and psychic abilities. I have learned so much from her and my world has expanded exponentially because she shares her knowledge willingly and lovingly. I have no hesitation in saying that Jacque can help you with whatever it is you need assistance with. Let her be your guide.

Crista Sokolow

I’ve had several beautiful readings from Jacque. I appreciate that she takes the time to be thorough. There is always a warmth and love that comes through with her messages. When she connected with my grandmother, she was able to bring through my grandmother’s essence so perfectly I felt like I was sitting in the room with her. I would recommend Jacque for a reading any day.